The Pinnacle Detail

The Pinnacle Detail with Ceramic Coating

Recommended as a yearly, or one-off treatment for your car, the Pinnacle detail is made up of many stages. Including a 2 step paint correction stage to remove unsightly marks, minor/medium depth scratches, swirls etc.

Estimated time: 2 days approx.
Estimated cost: from £495

  • Full Citrus pre wash
  • Full Ph neutral shampoo
  • Wheels, arches and door shuts cleaned with Citrus degreaser/cleaner then waxed in door shuts
  • Paintwork decontamination (removes embedded contaminants such has tar,iron and pollution material)
  • Hand-dried using microfibres with deep pile drying towels
  • 2 Stage Paintwork correction process on paintwork using Koch Chemie compounds and polishes in general
  • Alcohol wipe down to ensure all oils are removed from the polishing processes
  • Swissvax cleaner fluid application to paintwork (pre-wax cleaner)
  • SiRamik Ceramic coating applied to the exterior
  • Tyres and exterior plastics cleaned and conditioned
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished
  • Water repellent treatment to all exterior windows (can last up to 2 years)
  • All chrome and stainless steel surfaces cleaned and polished
  • Any interior leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Interior surfaces steam cleaned and sanitised killing all bacteria and germs