Valeting & Detailing Prices

We cater to our customers at their home or in their workplace. Booking is needed due to demand, however you may be lucky Telephone Mob/text 07779 723193 Or you can also email

We always recommend the Smartdetail Valet starting from £95 if your vehicle hasnt been cleaned for more than 6 months.

We do "exterior only" and "interior only" valets from £25.

Exterior involves

Full shampoo inc wax content
claybar mitt
Towel dried
Jeweling spray

Interior involves

Full 10 mins hoovering
Upholstery brushed and sprayed
Deodourising spray
Dashboard/centre console cleaned
Boot cleaned
Interior door panels cleaned
Interior glass cleaned


"SMART" Valet from £45 (in depth Mini Valet)

INCLUDES (Duration 2 hours average (one valeter) (1 hour 30 mins 2 valeters)

  • Hand brush/ upholstery and carpets.
  • Leathers conditioned
  • Then vacuumed and mats machined to clear out debris.
  • Black dye used if required on black carpets/mats
  • Deodourised/Air freshener spray on the carpets
  • Dashboard cleaned and fully dressed
  • Door panel interiors cleaned and dressed
  • Pre Wash wet foam and then shampooed exterior with high gloss shampoo.
  • Insect stubborn damage cleaned
  • Tar spots removed
  • Detailing high gloss spray wax applied
  • Outside trim cleared and conditioned
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed and mudflaps cleaned and dressed and alloys/wheels deep cleaned
  • Finally windows cleaned in and out with rain guard
  • More than just a "mini valet"

"SMARTDETAIL" Valet from £95 (full valet type)

(Duration maximum 3 hours average 1 Valeter, 2 hours 2 Valeters)

All of the "Smart" Valet plus....

  • Fully clean with dry/semi wet foaming shampoo if upholstery, condition & dress leather seats/upholstery seating spayed and cleaned with spot removal where possible
  • Boot cleaned (wheel well also) fully and deodourised
  • Car given a polish via machine polisher for extra gloss, the type of polish is determined once the vehicle is cleaned so the best finish can be achieved. Usually an All in One with cleaning properties, glazing and protection qualities.
  • One coat of spray sealant on paintwork to seal in the gloss, 18 months protection on paintwork and trim.

"SHOWCAR" Valet from £150

(Duration 5 hours average with 1 Valeter, 3 hours 30 mins with 2 Valeters)

Everything in "Smartdetail" valet plus....

  • Plus full wet shampoo seats and carpets with dry foaming shampoo to draw out dirt and stains with the seats not overly wet.
  • TWO coats of CARNAUBA HI ENRICHED wax (Pete's 53, Zaino 2 showcar polish or other top range carnauba waxes. We only use professional products for a Smartdetailed Finish.
  • Minor/paint marks scratches removed
  • Machine Polished to give that "Showcar Finish"


(3 Hour Duration with 1 valeter )

We have introduced this NEW detail in order that your car interior receives a deep and detailed clean from the headlining, carpets, seating, dashboard and centre console.

In fact every inch is covered, every smell, every mark removed or improved.

Get your Forensic clean at Smartdetail, prices dependant on vehicle and interior condition, usually from £90

Return your car/vehicle to that brand new feel and smell.

Other Services

  • Soft Top cleaning with Smart Fabric Protective coating applied from £85
  • Alloy wheel sealent x 4/5 alloys from £40
  • High quality Carnauba waxes applied from £20 per coat depending on wax. (Top surfaces roof, bonnet and boot have 2 coats included in the prices below)
  • Full leather clean and conditioner cleaning and conditioning from £75
  • Full Shampooing of carpets and seats and Smart Fabric waterproofing applied from £85 (without Smart Fabric £65)
  • Full Tar removal with claybar contamination removal from £60

New Services

  • Headlight restoration from £15 per headlight

Headlight -restoration _500x 500